PDA Assessment:

The Right People in the Right Positions.

  • Streamline recruiting processes, optimize search time and find the ideal candidate.

  • Reduce job rotation in your organization by 20%. Increase the productivity of your team.

  • Increase the motivation of your collaborators. Create spaces for continuous feedback with leaders.

Partner with us to find and retain top talent. Our data-driven approach ensures a high-performing workforce.

Personal Development Analysis

The PDA Assessment

Is an online psychometric evaluation that analyzes and describes people’s behavioral profile.

An easy-to-use tool that identifies motivators, natural behavioral tendencies and even predicts behaviors in work environments, all of this while using an agile, simple, and scientifically proven methodology.

The PDA Assessment does not qualify behavioral profiles as “good or bad”, but it describes the analyzed person’s behavioral characteristics to give valuable, precise, and well-argued information to talent management for their processes.

  • Validated by AIOBP + 83% validity (See certificate AIOBP)

  • Easy and fast to complete (10-20 minutes).
  • Online administration and immediate results.
  • Intuitive and friendly.

The PDA Assessment

Who uses it?


To select, detect, develop, and retain talents. Nowadays, it is used by most of the companies leading the ‘Great Place to Work’ ranking.

HR Consulting Firms

To incorporate a new product to their portfolio, add value to their services and generate consulting projects based on people’s behavioral profile information.


To get to know their strengths and opportunity areas. As a tool for self-knowledge and personal development which helps them improve their tasks, relationships and communication.

Best solutions

Why choose the PDA Assessment?

Attract the correct talent, develop them and build their loyalty with our talent management software.

  • Facilitate selection processes.
  • Optimize search time.
  • Find the ideal candidate.
  • Develop all the collaborators.

PDA Assessment

The best tool for all your human resources processes.

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PDA Assessment

How do our behavior evaluations work?

01. 10 Minute Assessment

In about ten minutes, the PDA Assessment gives clear information about people, which helps you be more certain when hiring and comprehend how to avoid staff rotation. It reduces the turnover in your organization up to a 20%.

02. Behavior Report

PDA Assessment gives an initial report detailing the strengths and opportunity areas of a person, their communication style, their value in business, their motivations, the strengths that could be turned into weaknesses, how they behave under pressure and how to lead them.

03. Deep Perception

Once the PDA Assessment is complete, you have instant access to the behavior report of the person. You can also get the extra reports, like the competencies, positions, and team and leadership analysis.

PDA  Reports

Types of Reports


This report describes key aspects to be considered by any leader to ensure good communication and consolidate the relationship with collaborators.


This report makes a vector analysis of a group of people.

Competency Matching (Group)

This report measures the compatibility between a group of candidates and and the selected competencies.

Competency Matching (Individual)

This report measures the compatibility between the candidate and and the selected competencies.

Personal Development Analysis

The PDA Assessment

Achieves a psychometric evaluation with validated results and generates accurate feedbacks about those completing the form.

It was developed to provide deep and detailed information and allow solid interpretations used as a basis for key decisions in talent management.

Trusted by 2000+ company across the globe