PDA Assessment

PDA is a global leader in online behavioral assessments for talent selection, management, and development.

PDA Competencies

Competences help you identify how much effort your candidates and collaborators need in order to develop them.

PDA 360° Feedback Assessment

360° Feedback assesses competencies (skills, behaviors, attitudes) needed for a role.


An online tool that enhances coaching processes by providing information from the PDA Assessment.


How Does PDA Assessment help us?

PDA Assessment identifies people’s behavioral profile and their uniqueness, manages their talent, develops their skills and encourages them to reach their exponential talent.

  • With the PDA, we get to know individuals in order to Assign them to the right position, assign them with responsibilities that are aligned with their talents, Lead them effectively, Coach them, Motivate them and Integrate them effectively to their teams.
  • This way, we will be able to help them be more productive, Obtain the best of their performance, develop them successfully, enhance organization culture, reduce employee turnover whilst reducing operational costs.