The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training them and keeping them.

Zig Ziglar

Capacity development is key to driving performance and achieving desirable business results in organizations. At Lafayette Resources, we have the expertise to assess your team’s strengths, gaps, and areas for improvement.

Based on the outcome of these assessments, we will tailor relevant programs to address the required development and training needs of your teams.

Every organisation is unique, and therefore our Capacity development Solutions are Customised to the specific needs of your business.

Our team of Experts are highly experienced in tailor making training solutions.

Leadership Development Programs

The Menu includes – Developing Future Leaders; The leading Edge Manager, Management Skills Series, Executive Coaching, Coaching with PDA, Supervisory Skills

Our programs ride strongly on behaviour change and transfer of skills. We discuss with you to identify your organisation’s needs; profile participants to establish their skill levels, individual strengths and development gaps. We use this information to customise each program for optimal outcomes.

Sales Development Programs

We provide very Unique Sales development programs, which include:

  • Best-in- Class Sales Training Program

  • Consultative Selling Skills

  • Sales Academy

We begin by Screening your sales team. Can they sell, and what is their skill level? What are they good at, and importantly, where are the gaps – Prospecting; Opening conversations; Influencing and Closing sales, Handling Objections, Structure of selling?

We customise each program to match your unique value proposition and Industry, and aim to address the skill gaps of your teams.

Solid action plans; application of skills learnt – are outstanding elements in the programs.

Experiential Team Building Programs

Experiential programming requires people to learn by doing using carefully designed “experiences” (activities, exercises, tasks) in which participants are required to use skills of communication, decision making, effective planning, problem solving and more.

The experiences are conducted within an atmosphere of community, dignity, well-being and fun.

We pride ourselves in the “generative learning” we encourage from the program participants. This is accomplished through varying degrees of de-briefing and engaged team participation.

Business Strategy & Team Cohesion

We customize a unique program for your middle to senior management teams, where we drive the business strategy process, and incorporate experiential activities that magnify your strategic goals, and create powerful engagement of the participants.

Skills Training programs

We have a rich Menu of work skills programs, which include: Customer Service Excellence, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Time & Life Management, Recruitment Skills, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills

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