Talent Management

We help businesses and organisations that are struggling with challenges of finding, attracting and hiring; retaining and developing the best fitting people, how to apply scientific data driven methodologies to source and select the best talent and to deliver vibrant work environments of highly engaged workforce, to help deliver on their business objectives.
There are three important questions the employer has to answer during the selection process:

  • Does the employee have the right skills and experience?
  • Do they have the required enthusiasm and motivation?
  • Are they going to fit in, in terms of personality, attitude and general work style?

Do not underestimate the cost of a bad hire, or the impact of a disengaging work environment. The true cost is more than you think. The financial impact maybe quantifiable, however the underlying impact from negative morale and low productivity, as well as contagious disengagement can be mind boggling.
We understand this. And that is why we apply scientifically backed methodologies that allows you to understand what drives workplace behaviors, so that you can ensure alignment , drive your team’s success and achieve your business objectives faster.

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SME Growth strategies

Business Strategy

Consultative Selling
Digital Marketing
Corporate Governance
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Value Chain Analysis
Gap Analysis
Pricing Strategies

Supply chain & logistics consulting

In today’s global and connected economy, supply chains are the on-ramp to innovation and success. Whether you are an FMCG company, a Technology or Energy Company or a business providing e-tail or e-commerce solutions and want to be among the winners, you need to get on the highway and go fast and re imagine your supply chain and logistics.
At Lafayette, we help businesses that are struggling with product sourcing, inbound logistics, inventory management, warehousing and distribution management, to build integrated end-to-end logistics solutions that drive efficiency across the value chain.

  • Does your business suffer from frequent stock outs?
  • Do you often find yourself with excess stock that is hurting your cash flow and increasing your overhead costs and tying down your working capital?
  • Do you have overall visibility of your product end to end costs?
  • Do you find your distribution channels inefficiency leading to customer dissatisfaction?
  • How effective is your supply chain strategy in delivering competitive advantage year on year?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, we would like to talk to you.
We will be happy to conduct a detailed diagnosis to assess your current situation and devise a plan to address your key supply chain challenges.

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Revenue growth strategies (Consultative Selling skills )

We show business owners, struggling with low revenues, stagnant sales, self-doubt, and inability to market themselves, how to multiply their revenues, market themselves enthusiastically, and stand more confidently in their life and business.

  • Is your business facing difficulties growing sales revenues month on month?
  • Is your sales pipeline insufficient?
  • Are you frustrated by the business conversation rate by your sales team?
  • Are you wondering how to drive your products and services more effectively for better results?
  • Are your marketing strategies delivering less than satisfactory results?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then let’s talk. We are here to help you to reverse this situation, and to get you back to enjoying growth, and achieve the potential of your products and services.
We will provide you with the skills you need through our Consultative Selling Skills program, tailored for business owners, and senior executives.
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