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Am not sure what I want to do

We show high school and college graduates struggling to decide about their career options, or selection of college and university courses, how to identify their most suitable possibilities in line with their individual strengths and unique personality profiles.

Not sure what you want to do? Get Career help with our tools, tips, and professional career guidance and coaching

Unless you are one of the lucky few who figured out their life’s goals early on, deciding what to do after high school, choosing a college major or selecting a  career can be confusing and intimidating. You may feel unsure about what really inspires you or what you’d be happy doing in college or after graduation—or you may have trouble choosing between two or three options that you feel strongly about.

You should be relieved to learn that uncertainty at this stage in your life is completely normal, and that there is a great opportunity to help you figure things out.

Where to start

Your Journey Begins with you

  • Your first step is to understand who you are and what you want – both for your career and your life. This involves being able to make a  personal assessment of your interests, values, skills, qualities and goals.

  • Here are some key questions you can ask yourself to help decide on your next steps.

  • Who Am I?

  • What am I good at?

  • What have I achieved already?

  • What things am I passionate about?

  • What are my Interests?

  • What are my values?

  • What are my skills?

  • Where am I and where do I want to be?

  • Where can I go for help?

Once you’ve explored your own ideas about yourself and narrowed down some career options, it’s good to talk through your thoughts with others. Bouncing your ideas off someone else can help things become clearer to you. Other people may also have some insights into your character or situation that you had not considered.

  • Talk to people who know you well and who you can trust. Ask them what they think are your strengths and skills. These may include teachers, friends, and family.

  • If you have had a part-time job or done volunteer work, think about asking your employer which parts of the job they think you do well.

Great. Now that you’ve looked at your Interests, Skills, and values, it’s time to take the next steps.

Bringing It Together, and choosing a major, course or career – get professional help

You have gotten off to a great start by identifying some of your skills and interests, and picking a couple of potential occupations that you are curious about.

We would now like to provide you with very essential information, and professional career guidance, that will help to suggest potential careers that match your skills, abilities, and interests, some of which you may have never thought of.

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Our career advisers are here to help you plan your future.


Explore your Options

If you’re choosing between several options, take a look at each one and ask yourself these important questions.

How well does this option fit with my Abilities, Values, Interests, and Personality?
How will I grow in this career?
How will this option affect the rest of my life – my family, friends, interests and other time commitments?
Use our career decision worksheet to help you consider all your options.

Career Change Worksheet as Attached

Ask for help and advice from other people

Talking to other people about which of the option might be best can help you see things in a new light.

  • Your family

    • Your friends – they may have been in a similar situation, and can tell you what affected their choices

  • Course advisers at college or university

  • People working in the job or industry you are considering – they may help you get a better idea of whether you’re right for the role.

  • Professional career advisors – Our Career Consultant are available to guide

  • you through this challenging process. We offer a comprehensive career coaching and guidance process to help identify your most suitable choice out of available options.

What Skills do you have?

Throughout your Education, work, and life experience, you have developed several different types of skills.

Everyone has a variety of Skills and Talents. How do you recognize a skill?

Skills can be divided into three basic groups:

Acquire New Skills

What Skills do you have to offer your future occupation, or employer?

Think about the skills you have currently, and the additional skills that you will need to have to meet the demands of your occupational Choice

Our professional team of skilled trainers will help you to acquire Transferable Skills that you require to break through various occupational demands

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Ready for a Career Change?

Do you need to change your career?

 what do you need from your new Job?

Use our worksheet to identify what you want:

Do you need a career coach

How to get started

Now that you’ve decided you’re ready for a change, how do you get started?

Whether you’re mid-career or still in study, you need to approach any career move in the same way. Your first step is to understand who you are and what you want – both from your work and your life.

Consider your interests, skills, values and qualities. You should also ask yourself:

  • What am I good at?

  • What do I like to do in my spare time?

  • What have I achieved already?

  • What things am I passionate about?

Use our tools to help get started.

They’ll help you understand what’s important to you, and give you some ideas about where your career should head next.

Career Success Breakthrough

Life’s too short to be unfulfilled at work.

  • Do you feel disconnected from your work and the people you work with?

  • Do you wake up each morning dissatisfied with your job, wishing it felt more like “you?”

  • Have you been laid off recently and know it’s time for a change but don’t know what to do?

  • Do you have money fears that keep you from making the job changes you want?

  • Do you want a career that means more to you than a pay check?

  • Do you long for a new career that you’ll love, using your skills and talents every day?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then we are inviting you to come and join us in our new Career Success Breakthrough Coaching program.

Get ready for an exciting new career and an effective step-by-step; group coaching as well as one-on-one Career Transformation Coaching program to achieve it!
This powerful and effective program draws on our proven four-step model for jump starting change in your career so it aligns with who you really are, and brings great success and fulfilment along with it.

We provide this program one-on-one with the Coach, as well as a group coaching program..

It is design to guide you through concrete, specific approaches and strategies that will unlock your power, confidence and ability to create the career you want.

People of different professional backgrounds who are searching for meaning in their  careers, who are searching for  new career direction, but do not know where to start.
The common theme among people attracted to this program is the desire to find meaningful work that feels natural and fits who they are. If you are questioning your current career path and wondering what else you could be doing, this is the right program for you.

For you who wants a true career breakthrough to deeper success, fulfilment and joy in your work, this transformational coaching program will give you a clear roadmap to achieve the career success you long for with far greater ease, speed, and success than you could achieve on your own.

If you truly want career change, there’s no time like now.  In this program  you’ll receive the empowering community and support you need to make significant career change – at an affordable price.
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